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David Fischer (Founder & CEO, Innovalog)

Our top-selling and top-rated Jira app, JMWE, owes much of its success to our partnership with TECUNIQUE. Their dedicated engineers in both software development and QA seamlessly integrated into our company, playing a crucial role in our achievements. As a founder and CEO of Innovalog, I highly recommend TECUNIQUE to any agile software company looking for a reliable partner, and am thankful for their tech-savvy and comprehensive support.

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Gilles Andre (Founder & CEO - OPPSCIENCE, POLYSPOT)

TECUNIQUE has been an integral part of our journey for more than a decade, and we are committed to further expanding our collaborative efforts. Our association with TECUNIQUE is not merely driven by financial considerations; it’s centered on the invaluable expertise and contributions that team brings to the table. We share the sentiment that, in today’s realm, it’s not just about cost-effectiveness but about securing the right talent. I express my sincere appreciation for your relentless efforts over the years and emphasize the importance of your continued partnership as we navigate the future together.

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Since 2020, Appfire and TECUNIQUE have been engaged in business, and throughout this period, the TECUNIQUE team has consistently impressed us with their exceptional services. Their expertise and dedication in architectural design, development, and quality assurance have been very valuable to our team. Additionally, their HR team has demonstrated a tried-and-true process for recruiting the ideal QA engineers for our intricate products.

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TECUNIQUE has been a key partner for OPPSCIENCE over the years. As a CTO, I’ve collaborated with TECUNIQUE on various projects for an extended duration. They have consistently helped us deliver top-tier software, attributed not just to their excellent software testing but also their expertise in software engineering.

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Christophe Favart (CTO, CustomerMatrix)

Along my time at CustomerMatrix as CTO, it has been a pleasure to work with TECUNIQUE as a contractor and even more as a partner. I always considered the TECUNIQUE consultants as a natural extension of my team. The Indian squad has been very professional, committed, and easy to work with in software development, QA, or data quality. The contribution and facility to adapt have been key to reaching the objectives of my R&D group in an ever-changing startup world. I want to thank all the people onboarded at that time for that. All the best to all of you.

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We had an excellent experience working with TECUNIQUE- their commitment to providing tailored solutions for our specific needs was highly appreciated. I was particularly impressed by Jaydeep’s direct involvement in understanding our exact requirements, dedication to recruiting the perfect candidates to meet our needs and drive to achieve results. The professionalism and expertise of TECUNIQUE’s QA consultants have played a key role in improving our operational efficiency and in delivering outstanding apps appreciated by thousands of customers. We recommend TECUNIQUE to any company seeking top-tier QA services and dedicated professionals.

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SkySelect Procurement AI, a prominent player in the aircraft material industry, sought to optimize its operations by establishing an offshore team in India. Partnering with TECUNIQUE, a provider of dedicated teams, SkySelect streamlined global operations. TECUNIQUE’s role included providing infrastructure support, managing HR and legal formalities, ensuring scalability without administrative concerns, and enabling a quick turnaround in project development. The partnership facilitated SkySelect’s focus on core business activities while TECUNIQUE handled intricate aspects of team management. The client expressed exceptional satisfaction, noting that TECUNIQUE’s commitment to excellence exceeded expectations. This strategic alliance not only enhanced operational efficiency but also laid a robust foundation for SkySelect’s sustained growth in the competitive aviation procurement landscape..

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TECUNIQUE has been a reliable partner for many years, supporting our evolution from PolySpot to OppScience via CustomerMatrix. Quite unique in this sector, we have actually the same contacts for over 10 years! I am genuinely grateful for the dedication and involvement displayed by the TECUNIQUE team. Their consistent efforts to enhance our platform and deliver an exceptional experience to our customers have solidified our perception of TECUNIQUE not just as a service provider but as a true partner. 

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