Strengthening Global Collaboration with TECUNIQUE

Written by TECUNIQUE

Executive Summary

Guillaume Bréjaud, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, shares insights into the transformative collaboration with TECUNIQUE, shedding light on the profound impact it had on resolving complex customer issues, managing technical challenges, and fortifying agile development methodologies.

With a rich background encompassing 25+ team management, 5+ years as a professional service director, and Stanford Advanced Project Manager credentials, Guillaume Bréjaud was VP Professional Service Director at CustomerMatrix and COO at OPPSCIENCE. He is known for his disciplined and autonomous approach, customer-centric mindset, and unique blend of strategic vision and attention to detail.

Background: A Journey Through Innovation and Collaboration

Guillaume’s professional journey, spanning PolySpot, CustomerMatrix, and OPPSCIENCE, has been marked by pivotal collaborations with TECUNIQUE. This case study explores the depth of TECUNIQUE’s role in addressing challenges during the development phases and its instrumental contribution to OPPSCIENCE’s bee4Sense legacy platform and new SPECTRA Platform.

TECUNIQUE’s Pivotal Role

TECUNIQUE emerged as a key partner during the collaborative development with OPPSCIENCE’s R&D team. The collaboration extended from the early stages of bee4Sense, setting the stage for a lasting and impactful relationship.

Agile Transformation: Navigating Growth and Global Dynamics

Recognizing the need for agile development reinforcement as the product team expanded globally, TECUNIQUE played a crucial role in working on a customized version of Scrum. The implementation of robust project management tools like JIRA facilitated seamless communication, documentation, and collaboration across teams in Paris, France, and Vadodara, India. 

Collaboration Dynamics

TECUNIQUE’s versatile team, proficient in Java, Kafka, SpringBoot, Kubernetes, and AWS, demonstrated unwavering dedication. Despite geographical differences, strong communication channels, agile processes, and well-structured teams became the pillars of successful collaboration. Trust and camaraderie between the Paris and Vadodara teams laid the foundation for an enduring partnership.

Technology Stack and Expertise

TECUNIQUE’s extensive expertise across Java, Kafka, SpringBoot, Keycloak, Quarkus, GWT, Artemis, Prometheus, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, ElasticSearch, VueJs, and Angular significantly contributed to the success of collaborative projects.

Building Trust Across Continents

Despite the absence of face-to-face interactions, the collaboration between the Paris and Vadodara teams exemplified effectiveness. The dedication of every team member established a strong foundation of trust and amicability. Executive-level partnerships further strengthened the collaborative bond.

Acknowledging TECUNIQUE’s Dedication

Guillaume expresses gratitude for TECUNIQUE’s exceptional dedication, transforming them from a service provider to a true partner. Their consistent efforts have elevated the platform, delivering an outstanding experience to customers.

Looking Ahead: A Pledge to Continued Collaboration

The partnership with TECUNIQUE extends beyond financial considerations; it’s about securing top talent. Guillaume reaffirms commitment to involving TECUNIQUE in global R&D endeavors, eagerly anticipating future in-person meetings and continued collaboration.

Conclusion: A Global Partnership of Talent and Innovation

TECUNIQUE’s instrumental role in the journey is celebrated. Their ability to confront challenges, adapt to evolving needs, and consistently deliver exceptional results solidifies them as an integral part of global endeavors. The collaboration is cherished, and with enthusiasm, both parties look forward to future projects, raising a toast to continued success and collaboration.