Transforming Innovation with TECUNIQUE’s Expertise

Written by TECUNIQUE

Client Background:

CustomerMatrix, a leading provider of Cognitive Computing platforms, entered a new phase of growth following its acquisition by Medtech Group in December 2017. Headquartered in New York City, with an R&D center in Paris, the company serves global clients, including industry giants like BNP Paribas and Allianz. As a founding member of the Cognitive Computing Consortium with IBM-Watson, CustomerMatrix is at the forefront of innovation in the dynamic landscape of cognitive technologies.


In the pursuit of continuous innovation, CustomerMatrix sought to elevate its development and testing capabilities. The need for a reliable partner to contribute to the design, development, testing, and maintenance of their Cognitive Computing platform became paramount.


Enter TECUNIQUE – a strategic partner that proved instrumental in propelling CustomerMatrix’s innovation journey. TECUNIQUE assembled a dedicated team comprising software development engineers, QA Engineers, QA Automation Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and a Technical writer. This diverse skill set was precisely tailored to meet the demands of the complex and evolving Cognitive Computing platform.

Collaboration Highlights:

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CustomerMatrix commends TECUNIQUE as a pivotal collaborator, considering TECUNIQUE consultants as a natural extension of their team. The Indian team’s professionalism, commitment, and adaptability played a vital role in achieving R&D objectives in the dynamic startup landscape.

Technological Expertise:

TECUNIQUE’s custom dedicated team showcased expertise across an array of technologies crucial to CustomerMatrix’s platform. From Java, Spring, Solr, Lucene, GWT, Angular to JavaScript, jQuery, ZooKeeper, Kafka, AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Springboot, ElasticSearch, VueJs, Angular – the team’s versatility became a cornerstone of the collaboration.

Testing Excellence:

TECUNIQUE’s QA team, responsible for defining and executing test plans, showcased proficiency in automation using platforms like Cucumber, Selenium, TestNG, Jasmine, Postman, Jenkins, and performance testing using JMeter. Their rigorous testing methodologies ensured product excellence and reliability.


TECUNIQUE consistently delivered reliable and precise testing, seamlessly aligning with CustomerMatrix’s specific requirements. The agile team’s commendable performance and effective collaboration with the internal team underscored TECUNIQUE’s indispensable role in the success of CustomerMatrix’s Cognitive Computing platform.


TECUNIQUE’s expertise, dedication, and adaptability have positioned them as a strategic partner in CustomerMatrix’s innovation journey. The collaboration has not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing the power of a synergistic partnership in the ever-evolving landscape of Cognitive Computing. As CustomerMatrix continues to lead the way in global cognitive technologies, TECUNIQUE stands proudly as a key contributor to their success.