Empowering OPPSCIENCE through Strategic Collaboration with TECUNIQUE

Written by TECUNIQUE

Client Overview:

OPPSCIENCE, a leading French platform editor specializing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, stands at the forefront of transforming complex data into actionable knowledge. Their cutting-edge technologies harness the power of extensive Big Data analysis to derive meaningful insights.


To further augment their capabilities in development and testing, OPPSCIENCE sought a dedicated team that could seamlessly integrate into their workflow and contribute across the spectrum of software development and quality assurance.

Technology Stack:

The collaborative efforts between OPPSCIENCE and TECUNIQUE were powered by a robust and cutting-edge technology stack. The development and testing processes were enriched by leveraging Java 17, Kafka, ZooKeeper, and SpringBoot. Keycloak played a crucial role in ensuring secure and seamless authentication, while Quarkus enhanced the efficiency of the system. The integration of Artemis facilitated reliable and high-performance messaging, and Prometheus contributed to effective monitoring and alerting. The deployment was orchestrated through Kubernetes and Docker, ensuring scalability and flexibility. The technology stack showcased a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, with Skywalking providing comprehensive observability into the system. Notably, the decision to remove Solr and GWT from the stack reflects the agility and adaptability of the collaborative approach, aligning the technology with the evolving needs of OPPSCIENCE’s sophisticated data platform and law enforcement solution.


Enter TECUNIQUE, a trusted partner committed to delivering unparalleled software engineering and testing solutions. TECUNIQUE assembled a bespoke dedicated team comprising skilled software development engineers, QA Engineers, and QA Automation Engineers. This team played a pivotal role in shaping the design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of OPPSCIENCE’s sophisticated data platform and law enforcement solution.

Key Contributions:

Holistic Development and Testing: TECUNIQUE’s dedicated team actively participated in every phase of the software development lifecycle, from defining and executing comprehensive test plans to reporting defects and managing seamless product releases.

Engineering Excellence: The team’s expertise in agile methodologies ensured the delivery of reliable and precise testing results, aligning seamlessly with OPPSCIENCE’s specific requirements.

Client Support: TECUNIQUE went beyond conventional roles, providing ongoing client support to ensure the continuous optimization of OPPSCIENCE’s solutions.


TECUNIQUE’s strategic collaboration with OPPSCIENCE bore fruit in several ways:

Reliable Developemnt & Testing: TECUNIQUE consistently delivered testing of the highest quality, contributing to the robustness of OPPSCIENCE’s solutions.

Low Turnover Rate: The team’s commitment to the project, coupled with a low turnover rate, established TECUNIQUE as a dependable and valued partner.


The partnership between OPPSCIENCE and TECUNIQUE stands as a testament to the successful synergy between cutting-edge technology and dedicated engineering support. TECUNIQUE’s unwavering commitment, coupled with their low turnover rate, positions them as the trusted ally in empowering clients like OPPSCIENCE to unlock the full potential of their software solutions.

At TECUNIQUE, we don’t just meet expectations; we exceed them. Our collaborative approach ensures that every project becomes a success story, adding value to our clients’ journey in the realm of technology and innovation.