Transforming Challenges into Excellence – TECUNIQUE’s Collaboration with PolySpot

Written by TECUNIQUE


In 2010, PolySpot, led by Gilles Andre, a visionary serial entrepreneur from France, embarked on a transformative journey in the Information Technology arena. Gilles Andre presented TECUNIQUE with a challenging project—building a dedicated team to develop and assure the quality of an advanced search solution for PolySpot, a company he co-founded and led as CEO.

Project Overview:

PolySpot’s advanced search solution aimed to empower businesses and government enterprises to extract actionable insights from diverse data sources. Leveraging open-source technology and innovative approaches, PolySpot offered cost-effective, scalable, and high-performance solutions. The challenge was to build a team proficient in Java and GWT (Google Web Toolkit), considering the novelty of GWT at the time.

Building a Dynamic Team:

TECUNIQUE adopted a strategic approach to talent acquisition, blending experienced Java developers eager to learn new technologies with talented freshers possessing quick learning abilities. The result was a self-organized team comprising Software Engineers, UI designers, UI developers, Quality Assurance engineers, and technical writers.

Technology Stack:

The development journey traversed an intriguing technology stack, including Java, Smart GWT, GWT, Angular, ZooKeeper, Kafka, Spring Framework, Solr, HTML, CSS, LESS, and IZPack. This diverse stack enabled the team to address complex challenges, design robust architectures, and actively contribute to code reviews and client support.

Agile Transformation:

To enhance efficiency, we transitioned to our version of Scrum, facilitating clear workflows, communication channels, and documentation. The agile approach involved organizing roadmaps, documenting requirements, creating epics and user stories using JIRA, and conducting regular planning meetings, retrospectives, and stand-ups. The TECUNIQUE team in India adjusted schedules to synchronize with PolySpot’s Paris team despite a three-hour time difference.

Collaboration and Partnership:

Despite physical distances, a strong executive-level partnership between PolySpot and TECUNIQUE flourished. Trust and friendliness developed over time, fostering effective collaboration. The commitment and energy of the entire team played a crucial role in delivering on commitments and exceeding expectations.


David Fischer, CTO of PolySpot:

Initially skeptical about outsourcing to India, David Fischer’s reservations were dispelled as he witnessed TECUNIQUE’s commitment and expertise. The journey from a service provider to an integral part of PolySpot’s global development team took time, but the integrated engineering team eventually bridged gaps across continents.

Gilles Andre, CEO of PolySpot:

Expressing enduring gratitude, Gilles Andre highlighted TECUNIQUE’s consistent value, dependability, and support. The partnership, spanning over a decade, was driven by more than financial considerations—it centered on securing the right talent for global R&D endeavors.



TECUNIQUE’s collaboration with PolySpot stands as a testament to overcoming challenges, fostering innovation, and achieving excellence. The enduring partnership exemplifies the importance of trust, commitment, and the right talent in creating impactful software solutions.

Embarking on Future Endeavors:

Excited about the transformative potential of technology, TECUNIQUE looks forward to new collaborations and challenges. The commitment to delivering exceptional value remains unwavering, setting the stage for continued success.