Elevating Quality Excellence – QOTILABS and TECUNIQUE Collaboration

Written by TECUNIQUE

Client Overview:

Qotilabs, a dynamic French company, is dedicated to enhancing software development processes, helping businesses design, implement, and streamline their software product roadmap development and maintenance. With a decade of expertise, Qotilabs specializes in deploying Lean and Agile principles, relying on Atlassian Jira and Confluence for comprehensive frameworks.

Service Provider:

TECUNIQUE, a growing player in the dedicated team provision sector, specializes in crafting teams that precisely align with clients’ unique needs and technology preferences. Focused on delivering reliable, scalable, and high-quality software solutions, TECUNIQUE, though small, boasts substantial experience in curating teams for app vendors in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Collaboration Overview:

Since the beginning of 2021, the collaboration between Qotilabs and TECUNIQUE has emerged as a success story. Seeking a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) engineering team, Qotilabs engaged TECUNIQUE, leveraging their expertise in curating teams with deep knowledge of testing complex applications.

Qotilabs required engineers who not only excelled in software testing but were also self-organized, self-driven, and capable of providing valuable input to product development. Responsibilities included active participation in product evolution, test planning, design of test scenarios and cases, automation of test cases, and use of an in-house automation framework.

The team, working on products like Rich Filters for JIRA Dashboards, Shared Ownership for Dashboards/Filters and Collapsible Dashboard Sidebar catered to high-profile clients including Amazon, Cisco, Boeing, Google, Samsung, BMW, Microsoft, VISA, and Ubisoft.

TECUNIQUE’s Specialization:

TECUNIQUE’s expertise in curating dedicated teams for app vendors in the Atlassian ecosystem played a pivotal role in the success of the collaboration. Despite being a growing company, TECUNIQUE showcased a profound understanding of Qotilabs’ needs, excelling in sourcing and recruiting top-tier engineers.

 Client Testimonial:

Dan Mihalache, CEO of Qotilabs, expressed satisfaction with TECUNIQUE’s approach, stating, “From the outset, TECUNIQUE demonstrated a profound understanding of our needs and consistently excelled in sourcing and recruiting top-tier engineers.” He acknowledged the positive impact the dedicated team had on product quality and expressed a desire to expand the collaboration further.

He further shared his perspective on the collaboration, stating, “All the Engineers working for Qotilabs as part of a dedicated team curated by TECUNIQUE are doing a great job, and their work has a very positive impact on the quality of our product.”

In conclusion:

The collaboration between Qotilabs and TECUNIQUE stands as a testament to successful outsourcing, where TECUNIQUE’s dedication, expertise, and commitment contributed significantly to Qotilabs’ goals and product quality, showcasing the capabilities of a small but proficient company in the dedicated team domain.