Strategic Partnerships: SkySelect’s Success with TECUNIQUE’s ODC Model

Written by TECUNIQUE

Client Overview: SkySelect Procurement AI

Founded in 2017, SkySelect Procurement AI has rapidly become a major player in the $60 billion aircraft material industry. With a mission to revolutionize commercial aviation by connecting buyers and suppliers seamlessly, SkySelect focuses on touchless transactions and optimizing the aircraft material supply chain. Backed by renowned Silicon Valley investors such as Bain Capital Ventures, Lux Capital, and Initialized Capital, SkySelect has emerged as a dynamic force in the aviation procurement landscape.

Provider Profile: TECUNIQUE – Tailor-Made Solutions for Success

TECUNIQUE, a leading provider of dedicated teams tailored to meet the unique needs of clients, specializes in crafting efficient and skilled engineering teams. With a commitment to delivering reliable, scalable, and high-quality software solutions, TECUNIQUE’s expertise aligns seamlessly with the specific technologies outlined by its clients. The company strategically diversified its offerings to support foreign enterprises in establishing Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) in India, showcasing a proven track record of success.

The Partnership: A Strategic Alliance

SkySelect recognized the need for a strategic partner to handle the complexities of establishing and managing an offshore team in India. TECUNIQUE, with its reputation for excellence and a comprehensive suite of services, was the natural choice. In a short span of a year, TECUNIQUE successfully onboarded approximately 60 team members, offering not only skilled engineers but also a robust infrastructure to support SkySelect’s growing operations.

TECUNIQUE’s Role in Facilitating Growth:

Infrastructure Support: TECUNIQUE provided turnkey solutions for office space, ensuring a conducive work environment for the SkySelect team.

HR and Legal Formalities: TECUNIQUE efficiently manages payroll, employee life cycle, appointment processes, and the complete onboarding to offboarding procedures. Additionally, TECUNIQUE oversees induction processes and handles all HR and legal formalities, including Income Taxation, Professional Tax, Provident Fund management, Health Insurance, Accidental Insurance, and Corporate Discounts. This streamlined approach enables SkySelect to concentrate on its core business activities without the burden of intricate HR and administrative tasks.

Scalability without Concerns: With TECUNIQUE managing employee management, taxation, and all legal obligations, SkySelect experienced rapid scalability without the burden of administrative hassles.

Quick Turnaround: TECUNIQUE’s streamlined processes facilitated the swift establishment of offshore teams, contributing to quick turnaround times in project development.

Transition to Independence: As SkySelect prepares for its legal subsidiary in India, TECUNIQUE ensures a seamless transition, allowing SkySelect to take over the already-established team without disruptions.

Client Satisfaction: SkySelect’s Perspective

SkySelect is exceptionally pleased with the partnership as it goes beyond the conventional outsourcing model. By entrusting TECUNIQUE with the intricate aspects of team management, Employee relations, legal compliance, and infrastructure support, SkySelect has gained the freedom to focus entirely on its core business objectives. This strategic alliance not only enhances operational efficiency but also reflects the commitment of TECUNIQUE to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions.

In conclusion, TECUNIQUE’s dedication to excellence has not only met but exceeded SkySelect’s expectations. By choosing TECUNIQUE as its strategic partner, SkySelect has effectively navigated the challenges of global expansion, establishing a robust foundation for sustained growth in the competitive aviation procurement landscape.