IT Staff Augmentation

Extend and expand the capabilities of your team

Overcome the gap between demand and supply for skilled teams through an innovative and best recruiting model backed by a dedicated client-centric software team.

We offer staff augmentation services, which help to revamp your team and boost the development process.

  • Top Dedicated Experts
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Strict Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Customized Processes
  • Assured Transparency
  • Complete control over the team structure

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Extend Your Team & Boost Your Projects

It is essential to have the right-sized and right-skilled team for the success of any project. Sometimes, as the project advances, it is necessary to extend the cross-functional teams with members who are just right for the job. Our staff augmentation services improve your project speed and provide the expertise your team requires to deliver the project on time.

We work as a part of your local team, attending your regular meetings, maintaining a collective atmosphere, co-ordinate efforts towards common goals, synchronizing with your managers, proving to be a real competitive advantage for your business.

Our staff augmentation services are a dependable and cost-effective way for you to increase the size and productivity of your in-house teams in a limited time. It provides the right IT consulting and integrates with your current workflow very easily, helping to build highly skilled, and experienced cross-functional teams.

Benefits Of IT Staff Augmentation

Boost your project development workforce needs with IT staff-augmented services that allow you to hire technical experts of your choice for the desired period.

 Access to specialized skills

We can help you with a pool of experts having diverse skill sets of various technologies.

 Faster Time-to-Market

We can help you develop and deploy your project faster with the help of skilled resources.

Adaptability & Flexibility

We can provide a flexible workforce that can be easily scaled up or down as needed, and flexible work arrangements and adaptable engagement models to fit your needs.

Operational Agility

We follow an iterative and incremental approach that helps businesses to be agile and scale their operations.

Reliability & dependability

All experts are fully autonomous and take complete ownership of the project and deliver it within the stipulated time frame.

Ease the Communication & Reporting

We understand the value of communication & reporting therefore we use cutting-edge tools for communication and regular reporting.

Why go for IT staff augmentation services from TECUNIQUE?

TECUNIQUE provides dependable IT staff augmentation services for clients looking for an accomplished pool of experts. We can help you hire skilled teams proficient in the technologies of your choice to deliver solutions for your business.


Proven talented experts

Extend your in-house team’s capabilities by hiring proven experts.



Your ideas, designs, and concepts are safe with us.


Transparency Is Guaranteed

We regularly communicate complete project status and maintain complete transparency.


Flexible Engagement Models

Hire a right-size and right-skilled team as per your requirements.


Hassle-free Management

We keep you relieved of complex project and infrastructure management issues.


Free No Obligation Quote

Once you share your project idea, we will provide a no-cost estimate.