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Ramp up your software development and scale up quickly. With over a decade of expertise in the software industry, we can help set up offshore teams while ensuring quick turn-around and high-quality development.

You can set up offshore development centers in India with TECUNIQUE for developing, testing, and deploying software solutions.

  • Customized Processes
  • Efficient & Transparent Costing
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Multiple Time Zone Support

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Offshore Development Center

An offshore center is the right choice to save time and cost. It gives you flexibility so that you can focus on your core business. Some use cases of setting up offshore centers.


Software Design & Development

Software design & development includes UI/UX design, web/mobile app development, eCommerce development, CMS development, ERP Software, etc.


Software Testing

Software Testing includes both Manual and Automatic Testing, Web/Mobile App Testing, Functional Testing, Software Performance Testing, Platform Compatibility Testing, etc.


Product Engineering

Product Engineering includes Software product development, SaaS-based products, ERP software, Product Architecture, DevOps solutions, etc.


Project Implementation

Implementation of product to the existing environment, System Integration, API development, etc.


Software Upgrade & Migration

Software update and Migration include Software Migration, Modification, Server Migration, Database Migration, and Platform Version Upgrade.


Support & Maintenance

Our long-established digital transformation competencies are centered around web, mobile, and the latest software technologies that offer you a competitive edge in the market.

Why Choose Us?

TECUNIQUE is dedicated to engineering software solutions that impart a growth-centric competitive advantage to your business. We can help you establish your Offshore Development Center in India, empowering you to develop scalable, reliable, and quality software products and solutions.

Offshore Development Center can act as an expert team empowered to handle projects of diverse complexities to provide innovative, secured, scalable, and high-performance software solutions to multiply your business revenue & gains considerably. Check out more reasons to opt for ODC service:

Access to Top Talent

Access the talented pool of software engineers that stay updated with the latest technological trends to render driving-edge solutions. Build your center with expert and experienced professionals to develop the best customized solutions for your needs.

Quality & Accountability

Our efficient evaluation and reporting procedures will allow you to assess and monitor the progress of the projects in real time. You can even ask the offshore development enter to redo a project if you are not satisfied with the results–provided your contract stipulates this.

Shared Responsibility

The risks associated with software development are likely to be better estimated by the offshore company since this process is part of its core business. Both parties can agree on risk management when outsourcing a project and share the responsibility.

Technical Assistance & Knowledge Retention

ODCs offer continuous technical support throughout the duration of the project. All the knowledge gained during a project’s life cycle is preserved. The retained knowledge can be further developed and used for your other projects.

No Hiring Vows

Get the benefit of talented and experienced engineers without the hassle of cumbersome hiring processes. Engage with exceptional talent to build robust solutions for your enterprise while avoiding issues like candidate drop-outs, interviews, onboarding process, administration, etc.

Time Zone Differences

Time-zone differences with the offshore center can be beneficial if managed well. Selecting an offshore development center on the other side of the globe can facilitate a 24-hours workday, where someone (either the in-house or the offshore team) is always working on the project.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Low Risk & High Productivity

Technical Expertise

In-house technical experts help solve all your technical problems with various technologies.

Cost Effectiveness

Implement what makes sense for your business to get the best value in your budget.

Project Transparency

Advanced tools for communication and project management to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

Process Oriented

Best-in-class processes to ensure maximum efficiency and quality at every step.

Why Go for an Offshore Development Center

A dedicated team model is best when you must speed up the project to meet the timeline requirements. Get a jump in time to market. Speed ​​is another benefit associated with a dedicated development team, as you don’t need to distract your internal team from the main project to handle your adjacent project.

Adequate Control

When you hire an offshore software development center, you get to exercise as much control over offshore developers as on your in-house team. This is made possible by various Project Management tools.

Time Saving Hiring

You get experienced developers without having to go through a protracted hiring process and deal with substantial notice periods and candidate drop-out issues. Forget about the painful interview processes and dealing with candidates.

Cost Saving Hiring

We establish your ODCs in India, where the development and office maintenance costs are much lower than in North America or Europe. So you do not have to worry about spending on office equipment, communications, and utilities.

Wider Technical Expertise

You can quickly augment your project team with qualified IT professionals with specialized skills in developing customized software at any stage in the development process.

Security Measures

Your office may have several teams working on multiple projects at once. In such a scenario, setting up an ODC might be safer if you have a confidential project with sensitive data.

Scalable Resources

The number and kind of resources that your company needs may vary according to specific projects. In that case, you have this flexibility as you can shrink teams or switch roles per your changing requirements. The team size starts from one developer.

Relationship Models


This model type fits a new or startup business during the launch time of its products or services. TECUNIQUE takes complete responsibility for the on-time delivery and comprehensive care of your products/services. Our delivery team closely cooperates with the project management team to ensure the same.

Client Managed ODC

This model is generally suited for well-set companies or services/products that already exist in the market and require their enhancement or the company is looking for a new series of products/services. The customer works with the company’s project manager and monitors the day-to-day process of the development team. It acts as an extension to the customer’s onshore team, as here customer controls the team responsible for the project delivery.


This model is used when a company plans to establish and operate dedicated offshore development and needs a physical presence in an offshore location. TECUNIQUE forms the environment that is needed. We operate and stabilize the ODC during the initial phase and then hand over the ODC resources to the clients as per the agreed terms of transfer.

Why Should You Choose Offshore Software Development Center?

An offshore team means delegating your software development project to another specialized company. It is a type of collaboration in which the third party entity trusted to carry out the tasks is located in another country, called offshore development. Here are the benefits of an offshore software development center.

You can access a great talent pool with desired expertise by outsourcing your project to an offshore software development center. You can get the support of developers, business experts, and QAs that can provide valuable suggestions to create an excellent solution. Offshore software development centers ensure the reliability and secrecy of ideas, and you can rely on them for modern technology integration & maintenance. They allow you to implement the best technologies, like AI/ML and Blockchain, to automate projects.